The Kellerstöckl

Belonging to the winery is the Kellerstöckl, which is found amidst the vineyards of the Schatzberg. Here grow the vines that carry the winerys´ outstanding red wines. The Kellerstöckl stands on the Königstigeralm (the tiger kings´ pasture). So-called after an elderly circus tiger, over 100 years ago, decided to leave his cage and take a little walk here. Afterwards he disappeared into the corridors of the Weinviertel, never to be seen again.


This vineyard hut, with a comfortable parlour room, has stood here since the 17th century. Originally a simple wooden form, its face has changed frequently over the years, but little else about it. Even today there is no electricity, and no road leads here. Nothing interrupts the panoramic views over the landscape. Ask the housekeeper for the key and the guest can expect a perfect cellar chilled wine and a generous service at the table. The way here does, however, require a hike.

Equipped with a packed lunch of local delights and a map of the hiking trails, you are, after a lengthy trek, rewarded with a wonderful view of the wine country. In clear weather this view can stretch to the Schneeberg.

You want to enjoy the Kellerstöckl?

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