The Family

The Bauer family is the focal point of the winery. The oscillation between pulling together, enjoyment and proficiency, every family member endeavours to help one another.

Family Bauer


I am an ecological humanist, my work with and in the nature gives me great joy. I am open to any new ideas and as I am a peace loving family man, when the stress builds up, I become even calmer.


I was born with the gift to organise, and here I had the chance to perfect myself within the business and family life. Currently I am trying to cultivate my green fingers.


I feel I am deeply rooted within family and nature. To find my own way I explore those branches on the tree of life with a spirit of adventure and discovery, and take great pleasure in the fruits it offers me.


I am a life loving, dynamic entertainer with a great sense of humour. I love to sleep late, but once I am awake you cannot see me for the dust!


I am the golden centre of the children and currently attend the HLF in Krems. Ambitiousness and perfectionism can be fun.


It is very important to me to be perfectly dressed, just like my friends. Furthermore I believe that surprises need to be planned.


He has a fighting spirit and for no reason puts himself at the centre of attention, strangely enough it´s rather charming. He has just discovered WRITING .