An enthusiastic family business

A red wine specialist in the Weinviertel may sound unusual to some people, however that is exactly what Norbert Bauer is. He is rated as the specialist for certain red wines in the Weinviertel. The proof of this is in the many national and international awards he has achieved.

With modern technical know-how coupled with traditional crafts and the love for detail – in his wine cellar Norbert Bauer processes the grapes from the hills of the Schatzberg, Haidberg, Bergsatz, Diermannsee/Kellerselektion and the Parapluiberg.

In the process the weight on the vine itself is held as low as possible, the number of vines per hectare however, raised to about 4000, and the vines trained to a medium height.

Norbert Bauer is what one would call an enthusiastic family man. Together with his wife Gisela Bauer and their five children there is here on the winery a noticeable feeling of a special type of energy and vitality that permeates the collaboration and work of everyone.

Norbert Bauer

I am an ecological humanist, my work with and in the nature gives me great joy.

I am open to any new ideas and as I am a peace loving family man, when the stress builds up, I become even calmer.

Norbert Bauer
Gisela Bauer

Gisela Bauer

I was born with the gift to organise, and here I had the chance to perfect myself within the business and family life.

Currently I am trying to cultivate my green fingers.

Willy Bauer

I am a life loving, dynamic entertainer with a great sense of humour.

I love to sleep late, but once I am awake you cannot see me for the dust!

Willy Bauer

The Team

The frequently award-winning wine under the brand Norbert Bauer has been pressed on this winery for 20 years. Behind this process lies a love for detail, commitment, and specialist knowledge – the contributions of numerous busy heads and hands.
Das Team

With the 2008 harvest Norbert received helpful support in the cellars in the form of Markus Glanz. Meanwhile heated discussions are being held regarding the blending of the wines. Markus is also responsible for the observance of the certification guidelines.

Since 2004 we have Lukasz Warwrzyniak in the house, who is somewhat a machine freak. He knows all the aches and pains of the tractors and machines, and keeps not just our vehicle fleet up and running.

Jarda Sula has been with us since 2003, and in the meantime he can find his way around the vineyards in his sleep.

Mr. Maciej Warwrzyniak make his rounds through the vineyards and take his work very seriously, and not even the heaviest Weinviertel rain showers can change this.

Hana Weese caters for the food and refreshments for the family and guests since 2006. In the meantime we have realised that nothing can shake a typical cook from Bohemia. Whether it is breakfast for the guests, energy snacks for the reading addicts, or a banquet for the Christmas celebrations – without Hana´s culinary wings everything would have tasted only half as good.

Since 2010 Wolfgang Messerschmidt has been managing our computer, ensuring that the electronic communication runs smoothly. Together with Gisela he looks after the office

New in the team are Jarmila, Marta, Ann and Sylvia who care for the welfare of our vines. With scissor hands in the vineyard on the way, they have grip and greenery firmly under control.

Mrs. Andrea sat down in the office next to the boss. She is always ready for your wishes and orders.


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